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Darklight Beauty

Long Matches

Long Matches

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Introducing our elegant solution to lighting up your life - Long Matches in a Glass Cloche.

Make the most of your luxury candles with our carefully curated accessories.

Say goodbye to burnt fingertips - With our extra-long matches, you can easily ignite candles, stoves, fireplaces, and more with a simple strike. Housed in a beautiful glass cloche, these matches not only serve their purpose but also make for a stunning decor piece in your home. Elevate your fire-starting experience with our long matches - practicality meets elegance in every strike.

This makes an ideal gift to accompany our luxury candles.


Glass Cloche

Cruelty Free

Certified vegan & cruelty free with Beauty without cruelty South Africa & Internationally Peta.


100 Black & White Matches


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